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Demon out, good luck in!!

Fun fun Friday is a special day where our kids get to experience; a new culture/ their own, celebrate birthday parties or make something fun in/outside the classroom.   

This time we had a sudden visit of a demon to our school. = o 

We sat down and listened to the story of the bad demon. Some kids know this story in Japanese. However, having to tell the story in English was an interesting challenge for them. :D

We learned the phrase “ Demon out, good luck in”

Oups! Suddenly the demon appeared in our class and we were scared! But then we remembered to repeat the phrase “Demon out, Good luck in and to throw beans at the demon until he has no energy left in him. 

I cannot believe it! But with out little brave efforts throwing beans, the demon fell down and eventually left our school! “Yaaaaay” the kids shouted in a happy voice!! We have defeated the demon!!! 

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